Island shots... Terceira Island, Azores; Portugal

Some photos of "our" island.  We've included a wide variety; and have recently updated the page  with pictures of the rocky coast and our favorite swimming hole, among other things. Included below are just some shots giving an example of the architecture here, as well as some of the views in general. We hope you think it is as beautiful here as we do...

This is called a Spirit House. There are several in each village.  Portugal, being very Catholic, has these mini chapels readily available for anyone wishing to pray or confess anytime, anywhere.

Angra do Heroismo pictures...

Porto Martins pictures...

Biscoitos pictures...

House 01 (view) 30Oct01.JPG (60868 bytes)

Island 04 (architechture) 30Oct01.JPG (36323 bytes)

Island 10 30Oct01.JPG (61216 bytes)

House 05 (front) 30Oct01.JPG (59774 bytes)

Island 21 (chapel) 30Oct01.JPG (57601 bytes)

The view we see from our back balcony of the Atlantic.

Some architecture in one of the local towns.

Palm trees; pretty common on the island.

This is our building! We are in the upper right hand corner.

Beautiful skyline of the local town, Praia.

Island 24 30Oct01.JPG (61083 bytes)

Island 33 30Oct01.JPG (61829 bytes)

Island 31 30Oct01.JPG (59633 bytes)

House 08 (view) 30Oct01.JPG (61133 bytes)

Island 39 30Oct01.JPG (31801 bytes)

Praia, at a distance.

A small local village.

Some of the old, authentic structures on the island.

The view of the Atlantic from our backyard.

A pasture. A very common sight. Terceira is a big dairy farming island.

House 02 (view) 30Oct01.JPG (61884 bytes)

House 04 (front) 30Oct01.JPG (60263 bytes)

Island 01 (sign) 23Oct01.JPG (61549 bytes)

Island 02 26Oct01.JPG (61197 bytes)

PetStore 01 30Oct01.JPG (61530 bytes)

Another angle of the view from our back balcony.

Our house, again. We are the one on top.

Angra and Praia are the two largest towns on the island.

A local village right outside of the base, called Santa Rita.

The pet store in Praia where we bought Bo and Cleo.

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