The Azores Experience        March 2001 ~ March 2003

LAJES field, Azores, Portugal

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      We are pleased to share with you the collected pictures of our past home and a few of the many island shots on

 Terceira Island.  To our families, friends, and those of you who are searching for information on Lajes Field, Azores,

 let this site be a warm welcome and an opportunity for you to see what we experienced here on this wonderful tour

 in the Azores.  Click here to view a Map of Terceira Island.


      Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Açores was the name given to the 9 active volcanic islands approximately

 900 miles off the coast of mainland Europe and 2,500 miles east of New York.  The discovery dates back to the early

 14th century when Portuguese navigators first set eyes on the archipelago (the large group of islands).  Terceira,

 meaning three, was the third of the islands to be discovered.  The island is roughly 15 miles long and 11 miles wide.

 Our home was located on the northeastern most part of Terceira in the town of Lajes. 


 ~ Dave & Sarah Decareaux - USAF, Lajes Field AB,  Azore Islands.   Last updated on Saturday, February 19, 2005





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