Dave and Sarah  -  Jan. thru Mar. 2002

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2005 Update: The information below is really out of date, about 3 years! I am updating this Feb. of 2005. Since then we have had two other children; Dominic born January 4, 2003 and Grant born November 3, 2004. Dave is now finished with his Psychology degree and is taking computer classes towards another Bachelor's. Also, we have lived in Waterloo, Illinois for 6 months and then moved to Mountain Home AFB, Idaho in March 2003. We have orders to be in Alconbury, England in May 2005. We plan to update this site with information on Mountain Home, and eventually, England also, as the months go on. I am no longer subbing at the schools. In Fall 2003, I had a full time teaching job, but resigned at semester to stay home with my babies. I have become a full time stay at home mom with the births of our sons. I am no longer selling Mary Kay cosmetics, and put my Master's on hold; but am starting it back up in England. Living in Idaho, we have stayed very busy as a family going on several day trips throughout the area. We camped, swam, hiked a little, and took plenty of pictures. We stay busy as a family doing our everyday family things: playing with the kids, going out to eat, going on walks, etc. When I am not full time mommying, I still enjoy to read, listen to music, sing, watch movies and cook. Dave and I both stay active in our chapel . Dave plays bass guitar and sings in the Praise Band. I volunteer in the Nursery and bring snacks for the whole congregation once a month. We have alot of pictures to share, so we plan to update this site soon. See some of you soon! Enjoy the site! . 

******Old 2002 information: Here's a little update on us: Well, we are finally coming back down to earth after Kate's birth. We are getting back into a routine of everyday living. Dave keeps busy, as always, with work. In his spare time, he is still taking courses towards his bachelor's degree. He has switched his major to Psychology; and hopes to one day do the Troops to Teachers program and use his degree to become a teacher. Dave also coaches an intramural volleyball team for his squadron here on base. Besides spending time with Kate and I, he also occupies himself with one of his many hobbies- reading, computer games,  watching sports on TV, etc. I am staying busy myself, as well. I am acting as stay at home Mom right now. It is a FULL TIME job! :) As I'm sure many of you know- if I am not taking care of Kate, I am running errands, cooking, cleaning, keeping appointments, etc. I enjoy every minute of it. I put my teaching degree to use by subbing at the school here on base, occasionally. I enjoy working part time. I get to spend much time with Kate, but also get to keep my feet wet with my profession. Also, I just started selling Mary Kay cosmetics. I love it, considering- anyone who knows me, knows I love to play with make up. I am still in the master's program, pursuing my Master's in Human Relations. Together, as a family, Dave and I enjoy spending time with our friends, taking the dogs out for walks, watching movies, and keeping in touch with family and friends from home, etc.. We are about to start an exercise program together; and we are involved in our chapel here on base. We really enjoy the services and hope to either join or start a Bible Study. 

The above pictures were taken between Jan. and March 2002.  We have included pictures of Dave in both uniforms; (he recently just put on his 4th stripe- Staff Sergeant), our family at the promotion ceremony giving Dave those new stripes, and several from our trips out around the island. They include: the wine museum in Biscoitos, the Basket Man's "factory" around Vila Nova, Angra, the gazebo in Angra Gardens City Park, and some from what we call "get lost road". As the name would suggest, we do not know the real name of the road, and one day we got lost and found ourselves there. The picture of the flowers in the vase are flowers we were given as we tasted the wine at the wine museum in Biscoitos. To see more pictures on the wine museum, basket man, lost road, etc.- see our Island link on the main page of the site. We hope you all enjoy the pictures. We would love to hear from everyone with an update on you all. Again, enjoy the site.


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