Dave & Sarah Photos


One of the first pictures taken with our digital camera was of the
two of us in our dining room. We are standing in front of a painting
I bought while in Venice, Italy; using a tripod and the DSC-S75's 
timer mode. This picture was taken on the 20th of October 2001, with
Sarah in her 33rd week of pregnancy. Doesn't she look good?

Here are just a few more pictures of Dave and I.  They were taken in late October in our home.  I am roughly 33-34 weeks pregnant.  Let me update everyone on us: Dave is very busy with work. Having just received his Sergeant stripe, he was put through Airman Leadership School trained in becoming a supervisor. His role will now be more that of a supervisor than a technician in Communications.  I am currently acting as housewife, as we both anticipate the birth of Kate; in which my title will then change to "stay at home mom..."  In our spare time: Dave plays for his squadron's football team a couple nights a week; the games plus the practices keep him very busy with that.  I enjoy going out on the "town" with the camera in one of the local villages to capture some shots.  Together, we enjoy eating out, bowling, driving around the island, shopping, and taking the dogs out for a day of play.  Lastly, we are both enrolled in school as well. Dave is currently working on his four year degree, majoring in Computer Science.  He has class about two nights a week.  I am working on my Master's in Human Relations. My class times vary, but are usually one week a month, the whole week straight.  We are both enjoying our classes very much; as well as our stay here on the  island  as a whole.  

Sarah 02 (fav) 20Oct01.JPG (56514 bytes)

Dave 04 20Oct01.JPG (59825 bytes)

20 October 2001

Belly 13 (fav) 21Oct01.JPG (61192 bytes)

DaveSarah 11 (fav) 20Oct01.JPG (61826 bytes)

SarahBo 01(fav) 28Oct01.JPG (60704 bytes)

DaveSarah 05 (fav) 28Oct01.JPG (59403 bytes)

28 October 2001

Dave 02 (fav) 28Oct01.JPG (62634 bytes)

DaveSarah 12 (fav) 28Oct01.JPG (60790 bytes)

Sarah 13 9Nov01.JPG (61707 bytes)

Dave 06 (funnyfav) 9Nov01.JPG (62829 bytes)

9 November 01

Sarah 02 (fav) 9Nov01.JPG (60429 bytes)

Dave 03 (closeup) 9Nov01.JPG (61465 bytes)

Updated Dave and Sarah information and pictures!!

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