***2002 Information: We included a few pictures of each of our animals.  They are little members of the family to us; as they each have their own very distinct personalities.  We got Bo and Cleo in early March, 2001.  They were 8 weeks old when we got them and are almost 11 months. Their birthday is January 4, 2001.  Bo is very wolf-like.  A few of his little "tricks" include: opening our doors, and knowing his commands very well.  Cleo, is the typical "happy-go-lucky" puppy. Like a little girl, she tries to maintain her innocence, even though she has done something wrong.  Jack, our fat kitty, was a stray we adopted from the vet.  He was 5 weeks old when we got him, and is almost 8 months. We gave him a birthday of April 17, 2001.  Jack likes to make his home in any box or  paper bag within view. He can definitely hold his own against the dogs, because he still has his claws.  Actually, the animals all get along surprisingly well. Here are a few more pictures...
Our Pets
Bo Jackson Cleopatra
Update 2005: Unfortunatly, since we have last updated the site, Bo has passed away. He passed on in October of 2002. We have since gotten a Yellow Lab, Rex. We got him in August 2003. However, he is about to go to a new home, as we can not bring him to England with us. He will be happy. The family we are giving him to has acreage and young kids to play with. In Mountain Home, Idaho, we also got 2 hamsters, but they have since passed on as well. We still have Cleo and Jack and lots of fish.
Bo 01 24Oct01.JPG (62617 bytes) Jack 07 (fav) 23Oct01.JPG (63428 bytes) Cleo 01 19Oct01.JPG (62458 bytes)
Bo 08 (pose) 19Oct01.JPG (60257 bytes) Jack 08 (fav) 23Oct01.JPG (60784 bytes) Cleo 04 24Oct01.JPG (60271 bytes)
BoJack 04 (fav) 26Oct01.JPG (62212 bytes) BoCleoJack 01 18Oct01.JPG (61895 bytes) BoCleo 04 (cookie) 28Oct01.JPG (62273 bytes)

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