Azores Islands, Portugal Travel Advice Page ***Some of these links are broken, as I did this page 3 years ago, but there is still some good information


General Information     (general info)     (general info)     (GREAT general info)     (GREAT general info)     (GREAT article about islands/general info)     (GREAT general info)     (GREAT article/ info on all islands)     (general info on all islands)     (All islands/ general info)     (All islands/ General info)     (All islands/ General info)     (All islands/GREAT tourism info)


Terceira Information     (Terceira/ General info)     (EXCELLENT info on Terceira)     (background on Terceira)     (Terceira, GOOD general info./things to do)     (Various pics of Terceira)     (Various pics of Terceira)


Angra Information     (Angra tour/general info)     (Terceira/ Place to stay in Angra)     (Terceira/ Historical site in Angra)     (Terceira/Store in Angra and Praia)     (Terceira, Angra, General info)


Things to do...     (All islands golf)     (Terceira golf)     (All islands whale/dolphin watching)     (All islands whale watching)     (sailing info)     (All islands wildlife tours)     (All islands hiking)     (Terceira diving)     (All islands diving)     (Terceira/ Caves)     (All islands/ Things to do)     (Terceira/ Wine Museum in Biscoitos)     (Terceira, GREAT general info/ things to do/ pictures of street bullfights)


Lodging and Miscellaneous Sites     (All islands places to stay)     (Terceira places to stay)     (Terceira, Bed and Breakfast, Angra)     (Terceira/ EXCELLENT info on general info, sites, restaurants, and lodging)     (A Portuguese legend)     (A bit of Portuguese history)     (Another website on Lajes AFB)     (Another Azores site)     (Faial Island)     (All islands/Pictures)


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